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Chris Canas
  1. Detroit

  2. Blues Blues Blues

  3. Addicted

  4. Juke Joint Jive

  5. Cookie

  6. Queen Of My World

  7. You Don’t Give A Damn

  8. Good Man About To Break Bad

  9. Shoot From The Hip

  10. Smoke In The City

  11. Put It In The Pot

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Detroit is not an easy town. It’s tough, it’s got a big heart, it rewards hard work, it gives all it gets, and it can be brutal to those who would rather complain than put their back into it. But no one who hails from the Motor City will ever deny their heritage. That’s because what a Detroiter carries with them for life will open the world to them and defend them against the worst of it.


And it’s that philosophy that encouraged Chris Canas to name his first Third Street Cigar Records release simply Detroit.


It’s a record with “gettin’ even” on its mind, as Chris tears into those who have done him wrong, so others won’t have to do it later. Blues doesn’t come any tougher, and anybody who has suffered a workday or bedroom injustice will identify right away with Chris’s edicts against the unrighteous. And when his songs and voice still don’t slay the giants… Well, here comes that guitar

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Big City Blues says:

"The latest from Detroit’s “Prince of the Blues” is a tour de force of original tunes that are autobiographical, revelatory and downright audacious. It’s a bold musical statement rooted in all things blues, soul, rock and guitar drenched funk.


The title track “Detroit” grabs your immediate attention, with Canas’ meaty vocals and personal accounts of growing up in the Motor City; its trials and tribulations and the rich musical traditions he absorbed and adopted in his life. It’s a soul-stirring and emotionally charged way to open the album. That makes way for the ebullient “Blues, Blues, Blues.”"


Blues Bytes says:

"“Queen Of The World” is a superb slow burner, giving ample space for Canas’ powerful, emotional vocal and for more guitar fireworks. Canas turns in an appropriately soulful vocal on “You Don’t Give A Damn,” an old school rock and soul track.  “Good Man About To Break Bad” and “Shoot From The Hip” are a pair of gritty blues with an edge of menace, while the simmering “Smoke In The City” locks into a funky groove and pulls the listener in.  The fast-paced closer “Put It In The Pot” keeps the funk going and serves as a great conclusion.

Detroit is an excellent set of original contemporary blues that will definitely make you want to hear more from Chris Canas."

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