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Johnny Rawls
Going Back To Mississippi
  1. Midnight Train

  2. Reap What You Sew

  3. Going Back To Mississippi

  4. If You Ever Get Lonely

  5. I Got It

  6. Noki Noki

  7. Your Love

  8. Amazing Love

  9. Straight From The Bottle

  10. Love Machine

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Going Back To Mississippi is the fourth album that Johnny Rawls has delivered to Third Street Cigar Records and it's every bit the equal of his preceding TSC releases, including the award-winning I’m Still Around.


Once again, Johnny worked with his ‘Copenhagen Crew’ to get the album underway, before finishing it here in the US. As usual, the sound is full, down to earth, and just plain real. Johnny puts his own guitar up against whiz Levent Ozdemir, and brought in Alberto Marsico to handle keyboards and co-produce. And special guest Ramona Collins steps to the mic for a duet on “Your Love.”


All the songs come from Johnny’s pen, except for “Straight From The Bottle”, where he splits the royalty check with Linda Francis.

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Graham Clarke of Blues Bytes says:

"From the first time I heard the Rawls & Luckett album Can’t Sleep At Night in the early 90’s, I’ve been a fan of soul blues man Johnny Rawls and I’ve been amazed at the remarkable consistency and quality of his releases (I’ve heard nearly all of them) over that thirty-year span.  His albums never disappoint and his new release for Third Street Cigar Records, Going Back To Mississippi, definitely keeps that hot streak alive.  Recorded in Copenhagen and in Waterville, Ohio, the album features ten new tunes written by Rawls.

The opener, “Midnight Train,” sets the tone for the rest of the album, solid, midtempo soul and blues.  Rawls’ vocals are as great as ever, the perfect mix of smooth and grit, and the horn section is top notch.  On the midtempo “Reap What You Sew,” Rawls admonishes his lover with the old “what goes around comes around” adage.  The upbeat title track finds Rawls reminiscing fondly about his home state….the food, the weather, his family, and the ladies, and couples will want to dim the lights for the soulful slow burner “If You Ever Get Lonely.”

Rawls vows everlasting loyalty to his mate on the catchy “I Got It,” and has a little bit of fun with the funky “Noki Noki.”  He duets with singer Ramona Collins on the sweet soul ballad “Your Love,” and keeps the mellow vibe going with “Amazing Love.”  Rawls is tough to beat on any soul blues tunes, but he’s second to none on the ballads.  On the amusing “Straight From The Bottle,” about those who eschew glasses for their drinks at their local club, Rawls is joined by the one and only Elvin Bishop on vocals and guitar.

The closer, “Love Machine,” ventures a bit from soul blues.  It’s a jumping little rock n’ roller, propelled by the horn section and keyboards from Alberto Marsico, that brings the album to an entertaining conclusion.


Going Back To Mississippi will certainly please Johnny Rawls’ many fans and it should bring a few new ones on board in the process.  It’s an excellent addition to a most impressive catalog of recordings for this fine soul blues artist."

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