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LG-115-M_Good Gone Bad_cover.jpg
Chris Shutters with
Jimmy Burns
Good Gone Bad
  1. Good Gone Bad

  2. Stop The Train

  3. Can't Play The Blues Like Bad

  4. Miss Annie Lou

  5. Unwind

  6. Poor Boy Blue

  7. Living In A Dream

  8. Keep You Satisfied

  9. No Consideration

  10. The Book Of Life

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Blues Blast says:

"A key track is “Can’t Play The Blues Like B.B.” which recounts Chris’ earliest encounter with B.B. King who advised Chris to get some more experience of life before he could really play the blues. It’s a strong song with solid vocals, searing guitar and a good hook and a complimentary comment at the end from Jimmy who can be heard saying “it sounds good”!

There is plenty to enjoy here and it is an interesting collaboration between two musicians of very different ages but who share an enthusiasm for the blues."



Jazz & Blues Report says:

"A particularly exceptional track is Burns' "Miss Annie Lou," which also features a strong sax solo. Other selections by Shutters are a bit more relaxed, such as his tribute to B.B. King, "Can't Play The Blues Like B.B." At the slower tempo here, he sings with assured authority. Despite its blues-rock trappings including the wah-wah guitar, "Unwind" also displays Shutters' singing to considerable effect. Shutters pulls out all the stops on his guitar for the driving "Keep You Satisfied," with Burns adding a backing vocal."



Making A Scene says:

"Guitarists/vocalists Chris Shutter and veteran Chicago bluesman Jimmy Burns (billed as Special Guest) have plenty of high moments on this collaboration. To the plus side, there is ample variety with the pairing of blues-rocker, Toledo-based 36-year-old Shutter and the 76-year-old blues/R&B leaning Burns.


It’s a ten song set that hits on many different blues styles with two guitar slingers of entirely different generations."



LG-115-M_Good Gone Bad_cover back.jpg

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In concert, the late Koko Taylor would often exclaim “I’ve got something here for everybody!” Good Gone Bad is that kind of record, with all the variety that a great blues set can contain. It’s an album that tackles a wide range of not just blues styles, but of great music regions. The listener goes for a ten-song cross-country ride with two guitar slingers of different generations, but both clearly headed for the same destination.

Besides fronting the Chris Shutters Band (which includes Ginger Baker’s son, Kofi, on drums), Chris is also the guitar player in Corky Laing’s Mountain. And despite Chris’s very busy schedule with those bands, he found time in late 2018 to self-produce this new ‘blues duo’ record with a Chicago stalwart whose recording career stretches back over fifty years.

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