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Johnny Rawls
I Miss Otis Clay
  1. California Shaking Again

  2. Give A Toast To The Blues

  3. I Miss Otis Clay

  4. I Can't Let Nobody

  5. Can't Read Your Mind

  6. Giving You Something You Can Feel

  7. Slow Roll It

  8. Motion Of The Ocean

  9. Kissing And Hugging

  10. The Wind

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LG-115-N_I miss Otis Clay cover_back.jpg

Johnny Rawls makes it plain: “I want people to know that Johnny Rawls is sixty-eight now, and he ages like a fine wine."

Rawls’ second release for Third Street Cigar Records boasted ten new songs from one of the blues world’s most prolific songwriters. The title cut is a heartfelt recollection of Johnny's 40-year friendship with Otis Clay. I Miss Otis Clay is not a mournful album, however. It leads with the punchy “California Shaking Again”, a sequel to one of Johnny’s most popular tunes, “California Shake” from 2017’s Waiting For The Train.


With I Miss Otis Clay, Johnny Rawls has again earned his place in every blues and soul lover’s musical wine cellar.

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Elmore Magazine says:

"One of Rawls’ favorites is “I Can’t Let Nobody” a mid-tempo tune here Johnny stands up for a long, rewarding relationship. “Slow Roll It” is another that will be added to his live shows. The band is right in synch with Rawls throughout, pushing the grooves and delivering the horns. Two great tracks come toward the end of the disc too. “Motion of the Ocean” captures the swaying movement of his audiences."


Blues Blast says:

"If you are a fan of smooth southern soul music that isn’t intrusive this is the ticket for you. Johnny’s voice is mellow and soothing. Johnny wrote or co-wrote all the songs on this effort. He also handled the production with an able hand and good instrumental separation."



Philly Cheeze Reviews says:

“It’s always a pleasure to hear new music from Johnny Rawls. He is indeed one of the best soul-blues musicians around today.


‘Title track, ‘I Miss Otis Clay', brings a tear to my eye, as I listen to him sing about missing his friend.


The bar has once again been set for Soul-Blues.  I Miss Otis Clay, is my favorite Johnny Rawls album to date.”



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