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Johnny Rawls
I'm Still Around
  1. Running Back To You

  2. What You Do To Me

  3. Darling I Love You

  4. Back It Up On Me

  5. Do-Do-Do-Do

  6. I'm Still Around

  7. Dancing Tonight

  8. Holding On

  9. Rock With Me Baby

  10. God Been Good To Me

2018 Soul Blues Album of The Year
- Blues Music Awards
2018 Southern Soul Album of The Year - Living Blues Magazine

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In 2018, Johnny Rawls, one of the most consistent, hard-working blues artists in America brought his talents to Third Street Cigar Records. The first result was I'm Still Around, 10 new Rawls-penned winners that would earn Johnny "Soul Blues Album of The Year" at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis. 

I'm Still Around can be called 'soul deluxe'... A bluesman's reflections on loves, won and lost. Through it all, a light-hearted feel centers the listener and rewards with another dose of those Memphis-to-Hattiesburg horn-tinted grooves. 

Blues Blast says:

"The title tune, “I’m Still Around,” is an autobiographical pat on the back in which Johnny states proudly that he’s overcome both doubters and misfortune, and he’s not going anywhere other than “Dancing Tonight,” which follows. 

Two more love songs — ballad “Holding On” and “Rock With Me Baby,” the fastest paced tune in the set – follow before Rawls takes you to church with “God Been Good To Me” to close."


Living Blues says:

"The album kicks off with the groovin’ vibe, bright guitars and wailing horns of Running Back to You; the song would fit right in on any collection of Carolina beach music, and if you’re not shagging in your chair as you listen to this song, then you need to check your pulse.


If there’s ever been a perfect blend of guitar, horns, vocals and background vocals, this is it. 

What You Do to Me scampers along Newmark’s bass line, propelled by Rawls’ vocals and the horns of Wolkins and Lemle."



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