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Bobby G.
Ph.D. In The Blues
  1. Ain't That A Good Thing

  2. PhD Of The Blues

  3. Can't Stop Loving You

  4. No More Picking Cotton

  5. Love Machine

  6. Don't Change Lovin' Me

  7. Where Did The Blues Go

  8. How Can I Miss

  9. Whole Lotta Money

  10. All Night

LG-115-J.1_PhD of the Blues_cover back.j

Bobby G. returns with his second album, just a year after the debut. 

Once again, Johnny Rawls delivers the songs (with Linda Francis as co-writer on seven of the ten original tunes) and produces. 

Ph.D is the advanced degree, alright, as Bobby and the band dig even deeper into the spirit that Bobby carried with him from his Mississippi hometown of Winterville all the way to Ohio, where his career began. Cuts like "No More Picking Cotton" and "How Can I Miss" hit the soulful sweet spot between back-porch Delta get-togethers and Chicago South Side jam sessions.

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WTJU FM says:

"After so many years after playing in jukes and just singing for his own pleasure, (Bobby) has now found a benefactor in guitarist / bluesman Johnny Rawls.


The backing is somewhat mellow but carries just enough rhythm and grit to put it over.


G’s vocals are melodic and right on the beam and match terrifically with Rawls’ playing. Fans of smooth blues and a solid groove should check this out!"



Blues Matters! says:

"This band is a musical limousine – it’s purring along, taking its time, enjoying the view, but you are acutely aware that there is probably a supercharger under the hood and they could kick it into top gear absolutely any time the mood takes them.

The final track All Night is sax-led and rounds off a superlative collection of Stax-infused blues.


The skills behind this collection are Johnny Rawls and Linda Francis who have composed these gems, and Johnny adds some background vocals, rhythm guitar and keyboards to the band sound."



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