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LG-115-A_Third Street Cigar_Still Standi
Bobby G.
Still Standing
  1. Still Standing

  2. Good As Gold

  3. Ball And Chain

  4. Love Love Love

  5. Little Bitty Woman

  6. Movin' On

  7. The Worst Feeling

  8. I Almost Love You

  9. Party Man

  10. Feels So Good

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LG-115-A_Third Street Cigar_Still Standi

The debut album from Bobby G., released 2017.

Bobby is supported by drummer Curtis Grant Jr., and The Midnight Rockers on 10 new songs written especially for Bobby by the legendary Johnny Rawls. Johnny also produced Still Standing with Third Street's own John Henry.

Authentic southern-cooked blues filtered through a lifetime of Midwestern experience. 

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Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro says:

"On a ballad titled "Good As Gold", it's Larry Golds' guitar intro that had me knowing I was in for some serious, slow and low down blues.....and that's just the way I like it. With the rhythm locked into one of those tight, slow grooves that this type of song calls for, Larry and Bobby are all over it. It's only the second track in and I'm making the early call that I could very well be listening to some of the disc's best blues guitar work right here.


Vocally, I honestly don't think Bobby can get any more emotional and soulful than what I'm hearing right here as well, but I so do hope I'm wrong. Real deal blues at it's best."



Blues Matters! says:

"What a find! This is pure blues, no hybrid here. Unbelievably, this is Bobby G’s first feature album, laid down at age 73.

There’s a wealth of living in his singing. The backing music is superb, usually, lead guitar over a walking bass.

This is also the debut album for this label; one can only hope for more CDs of this quality.

Perhaps in deference to Bobby G’s many years of living, the first song, the title cut, describes a life without regrets."



Living Blues says:

"They’re a characteristic Rawlsian meld of blues, funk-seasoned soul and breezy pop. Bobby G’s voice is remarkably clear and light-timbred for such a veteran; very likely despite the lyrics of the title song, which portray the singer as a reformed player looking back nostalgically on his misspent youth—life as a hardworking family man has held him in good stead through the years.

Occasionally, things get a little more aggressively rootsy. Love Love Love invokes the hard-driving, single-chord North Mississippi “trance blues” style made famous by the late Junior Kimbrough..."



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