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20-track CD with 80-minute documentary included on DVD

Big Jack Reynolds
That's A Good Way To
Get To Heaven (CD/DVD)
  1. Honest I Do

  2. You Better Leave That Woman Alone

  3. Go On To School

  4. Scratch My Back

  5. Shame, Shame, Shame

  6. Help Me

  7. Mean Old People

  8. Walk On Up

  9. Poor Boy

  10. Ah'w Baby

  11. Hot Potato

  12. Rock Me Baby

  13. Gonna Love Somebody

  14. Going Down Slow

  15. In My Room

  16. Made It Up In Your Mind

  17. I Had A Little Dog

  18. She Moves Me

  19. You Won't Treat Me Right

  20. She Must Be A Millionaire

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Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro says:

"To those in the Detroit and Toledo areas who knew and worked with him, the man was a legend; but to pretty much the rest of the world, he was virtually unknown.  Marshall “Big Jack” Reynolds was strictly a regional blues musician whose amazing talents were sadly kept under the radar.  It wasn’t until after his death in 1993, when because of a few serious blues collectors, word of Big Jack would begin to spread.


This very well produced, very well engineered and mastered  CD/DVD set is loaded with real deal, old school blues, lots of informative and educational clips and photos and is a must-have for any true blues aficionado."



Blues Blast says:

"The DVD is rich on stories and info about Jack. It is not a rehash of the music on the CD, which is cool. We get to hear and see a lot about Reynolds from the film. He played and recorded with a bunch of local Detroit musicians like Bobo Jenkins and John Lee Hooker and competed with Rice Miller (Sonny Boy Williamson) who thought he “owned” the blues harmonica business in Detroit.


Locally, Jack was a musical legend. Hopefully this CD and DVD will help him to take his place as a force in the blues. I loved this CD/DVD set and enjoyed it thoroughly. I most highly recommend getting a hold of it to learn about this master blues man, his life and his music. You will not be disappointed."



Living Blues says:

"More than a quarter of a century after his death, Reynolds has been immortalized through this two-disc labor of love produced by Haircut guitarist Larry Gold and local blues enthusiast John Henry.

It’s especially gratifying to have such care

devoted to a little-known artist who chose to

pursue his craft outside the major recording

centers at a time when virtually every factory

town in the rust belt must have had some

sort of blues scene.

It’s hard to imagine that any devotee of the postwar blues wouldn’t benefit from seeing and hearing just what that meant."



LG-115-I_Big Jack Reynolds_cover

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That’s A Good Way To Get To Heaven profiles Marshall “Big Jack” Reynolds, one of America’s great unsung bluesmen. The 80-minute documentary interviews numerous Detroit and Toledo musicians and other acquaintances of Reynolds’s. The film includes rare performance and interview footage, most unseen since the late 1980s. Some privately-recorded performances have never been presented anywhere. The Toledo Blade has called the movie “a sweet, loving, and long-overdue eulogy disguised as a documentary.”

Big Jack's recordings have been out of print for decades but are now being reissued as part of the That’s A Good Way To Get To Heaven CD/DVD set. The 20-track CD compiles many of the rare sides Reynolds cut in Detroit before relocating to Ohio. These include “Made It Up In Your Mind” and “You Don’t Treat Me Right”, both originally released on the MAH’s label in 1963.

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