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Johnny Ralws - Where Have All The Soul M
Johnny Rawls
Where Have All The Soul Men Gone
  1. Where Have The Soulmen Gone

  2. Bottom To The Top

  3. Can't Leave It Alone

  4. Keep On Doing My Thing

  5. Love, Love, Love

  6. Money

  7. Town Too Small

  8. Time

  9. Baby, Baby. Baby

  10. Calling On Jesus

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Where Have All The Soul Men Gone is Johnny's 2020 release for Third Street Cigar Records, the third in three years for our label. Those who know Johnny's history won't be surprised. "Rawls is always on the road," has been a music business mantra for decades. But in a year where live music came to a halt, Johnny, naturally, got busy polishing and releasing ten original songs recorded on his last European jaunt.


All the new tunes were laid down in Copenhagen just days (literally) before the continent went dark. Back in the USA, Johnny returned to Ohio's Bigfoot Studios to add his trademark horn charts and to collaborate again with veteran guitar man Larry Gold, who added his licks to "Money" and one for these times for sure: "Town Too Small." 'Strange times we living in today...', Johnny sings on the latter. An exclamation point on another classic Johnny Rawls album, where the soul of the blues rises to the top to save us all. 

Rootsville says:

"'Can't Leave It Alone' is reminiscent of the late Sam Cooke and the whole album is actually an ode to good old soul music. 'Keep Doing My Thing' opens with a nice piece of Hammond with the warm sounds of the wind section playing a prominent role on this album. The backing vocals on this track give the whole a swinging touch and you feel like stretching your legs..."



Midwest Record says:

"This combination of artist and label clicked right out of the box and the flame hasn’t cooled off yet.  Pure bred southern soul that feels cut from the true vine, there’s not a false note in the bunch.  No wonder he stands out so well, they don’t make soul like this much anymore. Hot stuff."


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